Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sincerity Chicken

It's the chicken that reminds me so much of my childhood. Yes, I tend to reminisce a lot these days ... about my Dad, about the years that have gone by so quickly. Sincerity Chicken is also my favorite chicken in the whole wide world! 

We discovered, thanks to a very close Uncle, that Sincerity is now in the Banawe area in QC, so much nearer and a lot more convenient to go to compared to Binondo! 

No thinking twice, no hesitation. We had lunch there that day we found ourselves in the area because of a delayed and important errand. Mom wanted to go with Dad's relatives who lived around the same vicinity. We hadn't seen them since the wake so it was a good time to catch up. 

Don't be confused because this branch is called Sincere Cafe and Restaurant. I wonder why they had to change the name? Anyway, I'm just so glad that the chicken tasted the same. SARAAAAP! As expected, I ate like there was no tomorrow. Everyone had thrown in the towel, while I waited for my 2nd order of the Chicharo with the shrimps (see pic) because the veggies were so crunchy and fresh! 

The best part? Their prices are still as friendly as ever. There were 10 of us and our total bill was Php 2,200. That was BEFORE my Mom and all my aunts and uncles took out their Senior Citizens Cards. Winner!!! Don't expect super-sized, a la TGIF servings though. Theirs are just right.

So to those of you who've always had to make the long and arduous drive to Chinatown, you no longer need to. Banawe may not be as accessible as other areas but it's definitely easier to go to than busy Binondo. And wait! I thought all this time that the San Juan branch closed down. I was wrong! They were just renovating and have re-opened! More happy news for me because we live around the area. Yay!!! 

The San Juan branch is called Wuxiang (see, a different name again?) and it's at 1230-A V. Ibanez Street, just off J. Abad Santos Street. 

Other really good dishes that Sincerity is known for : Oyster Cake, Duck Soup, Kikiam and Pata Tim.

Please don't tell me you've never tasted Sincerity Chicken! You've missed half your life so far. 


  1. I haven't tried it. :((

  2. Don't wait too long :)