Friday, October 3, 2008


I am loving these right now! I read about them online and saw many raves from those who use them. I was in Makati yesterday on an errand and made sure to pass by Glorietta to see them for myself. I spent a good 20 mins at the stall trying to figure out which scents I wanted. It was tough!

Anyway, I ended up with 3 scents : White Tea and Ginger, Vanilla Sugar and Banana Bread Nut. The first 2 are their best-sellers so I also got their Room Spray in the same scents. I settled for their Lemongrass scent for the Liquid Soap. I hoarded hahaha!

I opened one of the boxes in the car and now my car smells like Vanilla. It's true what people have been saying. Everything smells yummy and the scents are really long lasting. They're highly-comparable to Diptyque Candles, which are a ton more expensive. The packaging is simple but so attractive. I am definitely giving these away this Christmas!

Check out their website at

Branches are in Glorietta (beside Regatta) and the Podium Mall

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