Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Friend Asked Me...

What is it that I'm still holding on to that God doesn't approve of? Why hasn't HE answered my prayers? I've prayed for the same thing for years now and I know I shouldn't question...but I'm only human and maybe I'm entitled to feel impatient every now and then.

The question stumped me.

In the first place, I've always believed that God doesn't make a list of all the good and bad things I've done and use that as a gauge to determine what I do and don't deserve. If HE gives me something, I always know it's out of the kindness of His heart, His generosity and not as a reward for something I did that made Him happy. Just the same, he doesn't take things or hold them back simply because we did something to displease Him.

My take on my friend's dilemma is this...if there's something God hasn't given her, that only means it's not time to give it yet. Do you agree? Or maybe my friend's right to a certain extent. But I don't see it exactly the way she does. Maybe this is God's way of telling her something. Maybe it's His way of waking her up to a reality that she hasn't been able to accept. Maybe it's His way of making her realize that there are things she should not be holding on to because these same things will prevent her from fully enjoying the benefits of her answered prayers.

I'm not sure she understood me though.

What do you guys think?

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