Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A No Holds Barred Conversation

Anissa really is my worst critic.

This morning on the drive to her school, we were listening to Good Times with Mo as always on 89.9. The topic was parents who don't dress/act their age. They talked about "Embassy Moms" --- those who are in their 40's or 50's but still go clubbing in Embassy. Mojo said these Moms even wear revealing clothes and party like they were still in their 20's or 30's. I felt a slight shiver run up and down my spine. I can't see myself in the clubbing scene at this age. I got tired of it earlier on by going to clubs every single weekend with my friends when we were in college and before we all got married. Today, I can't even imagine being inside a club anymore unless someone pays me a million bucks to do it.

Then Mo Twister made a comment. He said he has never seen a hot-looking 40 yr old. In other words, he was trying to imply that the club is no place for someone in her 40's and up. I then jokingly said, "Hey you haven't met me yet!" As soon as I said that, Anissa looked at me and was stifling a laugh.

ME : Why??? Do you think I look like I'm turning 40 next month?
ANISSA : Hmmmmm....
ME : What?? Do I?
ANISSA : Uhhhh...yes, kinda.
ME : I don't believe you! You're just saying that cuz I'm your Mom.
ANISSA : Nope, you really do.
ME : But why? You know when people meet me for the first time and they find out how old I am, they always tell me I don't look my age. They even say I don't look like I have 2 kids. Why do you think I look my age?
ANISSA : I don't know, I just do. (At this point I think she realized she might get into more trouble so she decided to brush it off and give a vague answer)
ME : Awwww that's sad if you think I look like an old hag, Anissa.
ANISSA : Hehehehe I didn't say that, Mom. I just replied to your question honestly.

LESSON OF THE DAY : You want the absolute truth? Get it from your kids. You want an answer with a little sugar on top? Get it from your husband instead. He'll be too afraid to give you an honest answer

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