Friday, October 3, 2008

Remembering Gabby

It's been a week since we were told of the terrible news that my cousin, Gabby figured in a freak accident in San Diego and died of severe brain damage the same day. Gabby was in the Marines and was enjoying a very promising career.

We've been trying very hard to understand the recent deaths in the family, especially this one and I'm really sorry that I can't fly to the States to see Gabby one last time. I'm a lot older than him as he belongs to a much younger batch of first-degree cousins on my mother's side but family is family regardless of age or distance.

John Gabriel P. Buencamino

Gabby the Buddha Baby

My fondest memory of Gabby happened when he was on vacation here. At the time, he was only around 3-4 yrs old. I was entertaining him and keeping him busy when he got bored, sat down and asked me from out of nowhere : Ati? Are you really happy with your life? And I remember laughing so hard, floored and stumped.
I really didn't know what to say to a toddler with such a serious question.

You were a source of pride and joy, Gab. Moreso in your Papa's eyes. We are all deeply saddened by your sudden and still unexplained passing but we will try our best to remember the many good things about you.

Be safe in the care of Lolo and Lola and the angels who await you

Prayers will be held for you tonight at my house

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