Saturday, October 18, 2008

Binondo Food Trip

On our way to the opening of the PISCUAA (Phil. Inter School Colleges and Universities Athletics Association) Volleyball League in Manila where Anissa will be competing for the next 5 weekends, a brilliant idea came to me. I've been missing honest-to-goodness Chinatown food for so long now. Especially my favorite, Sincerity Fried Chicken and the dimsum from Wai Ying on Benavidez Street.

I'm glad DH agreed that it was time to go, nevermind if we were both so sleepy from having stayed up late the night before and waking up at 6am today. We braved the Saturday traffic after the league's opening and got to Ongpin at shortly past 9am.


Sincerity Restaurant along Nueva Street
where the famous Fried Chicken is sold, of course! A box of this super delish chicken costs P300 and when I got mine, it was still piping hot!

I kept peeking inside the box to see and smell!


Wai Ying on Benavidez Street

It took us a lot longer than usual to get here from Sincerity with all the one-way streets and the usual Saturday traffic but it was definitely worth the trouble

At 10am, this hole in the wall was already busy!

The intention was to buy dimsum to take home with us for lunch
But guess what...we got hungry looking at what the other customers were eating

I think these aluminum bowls are really weird in a funny sort of way. It's so Ongpin!

This is always DH's default order when we go for Chinese toppings
Spareribs and Chicken Feet

Ready to attack his order but I warned him about keeping those utensils in the boiling water for a little while longer. He has a really weak stomach, that's why.


Beef Wanton Noodle Soup --- piping hot and super yummy!

I don't like fat noodles so these were perfect!!!

Even the soup is so tasty. Not the "dishwater" type.
I finished the entire bowl hehehe.

What a perfect, perfect Saturday!
Thanks for the impromptu date, Hon!

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