Friday, October 24, 2008

Thank God It's Friday!!!

I've never been more thankful for the weekend. This week was totally hectic from start to finish. I didn't see the office, not even once. I was on the road from Monday to today...meetings, presentations, working lunches, conference calls --- name it! If I wasn't on the road, I was sitting down somewhere with a cup of coffee, sending out and replying to emails, working on contracts and what not (thank God for free wi-fi!).

Honestly, I forgot how it feels to be this busy. I'm still not working full-time like I did for 15 straight years before giving birth to Sabine. And even more honestly? The stressful moments I had to go through this past week were peanuts compared to some of the really bad ones I've had to swim my way through in my previous jobs.

The best part of this week though is ending it and knowing that every little bit of hard work paid off each time. In last Sunday's mass, I prayed hard for the succeeding days to be productive. I prayed for all the deals I was planning on closing (or rather...that I was EXPECTED to close). I can't have asked for a more fitting, fullfilling end to this work week and I'm looking forward to just being a lazy bum in the next couple of days --- I think I deserve it!

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