Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hello, August!

OMG seriously, where did the time go? I wake up and it's August? No way!

A Twitter and FB friend, blogged about this too here but she actually made me realize something else

I haven't even looked at my Christmas list, much less, done any kind of shopping for holiday gifts. She says she's 3/4 done. WHAT!

Her blog post has challenged me, so much so that I've pulled up my Excel file from last year. Now I'm looking at each name to see if I need to cross anybody off my list (or add new names). 

At least, I'm doing something LOL.

As far as shopping for gifts is concerned though, I'm not sure I'm in the mood to do that just yet. I've promised myself every year that I would start earlier than usual. Has it happened? Neverrrr.

But hey, I can start looking online for ideas. Yeah? 

I also need to consider the following: 

1) Buy a new tree
2) Get new trimmings (change color motif?)
3) Get new outdoor lights - we do this yearly because I'm afraid of using old lights
4) Stock up on personalized gift tags/stickers : family, plus a set for each kid because they now have their own friends - THIS I am always, always excited about
5) Stock up on gift wrapping paper - I really, really wish I could go to Divisoria this year to buy rolls and rolls of plain white ones plus ribbons, too

I'm going to try my best to be excited about the holiday season this year for the sake of my children. But it will be hard. It will be the first Christmas without Daddy around.

Have any of you begun shopping yet? Please don't make me look so lazy!

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