Friday, February 27, 2009

Summer Glorious Summer!

I'm weird. The summer heat really makes me irritable. But make me choose between summer and winter and I'll always choose the former. Most of you would agree that summer is here quite early this year and it's actually a bit scary, if you think about it. What with all these changes brought about by Global Warming.

I am looking forward to having fun this summer though. As always...the plans are being arranged as I type. There are talks of beach trips with my friends and my family and even a HK vacation for Sabine's 3rd birthday in April so she can personally meet KeeKee Mouse (hehehe that's Mickey Mouse, of course). I'm hoping to add Baguio to the itinerary so that we can take a breather from the Metro Manila heat.

I've started looking at all the stuff I need to get for everyone : new swimsuits, sunblock (already bought a spray bottle of Coppertone from Duty Free for the kids), flip flops and sandals, straw totes, duffle bags, tank tops, board shorts, coverups --- the works! I even bought a cute beachmat already!

I'm still dying to go back to Bora. It's been more than 2 years since our last trip. I would love for Sabine to experience it before it's too late.

Can't wait to get that much coveted tan!!!


  1. Wow! you have your summer all planned out already ... kainggit naman!

  2. Thanks, KeN! I hope everything pushes through as planned. Hope you have a great summer!