Monday, February 9, 2009

A Visit to Ilog Maria

We were in Tagaytay for the weekend anyway so it was "now or never". I've been wanting to visit their store but never had the chance to do it until yesterday. I literally dragged Neal and his two sisters and we had a great time on this impromptu shopping spree!
The store was really bright and airy. Each of the display shelves were labelled with their individual prices and a brief explanation of what the product is for. They even sell pinewood buckets and boxes, if you're planning to give your purchases out as gifts.

My SIL Michelle and I while waiting for our turn at the cashier

And here's my loot : Honey Face Scrub, 3 bottles of Propolis Throat Spray (been so loyal to this, it really works!), Eucalyptus Bath Gel, Massage Oil, Honey Shampoo and 500 grams of their homegrown coffee beans!!! All this for P900 flat. All natural at that.

Just a sidenote though...there was a huge sign on their wall that said they were out of Virgin Honey for the rest of the year. We asked the owner why and he blames it on global warming. The bees are not producing enough because they're not getting enugh nectar from the flowers. Super sad and scary!

Anyhoo...for those of you who've never even tried any of Ilog Maria's products, don't fear. You can place your orders online since they don't have a store in Manila and don't intend on putting up one to preserve their wholesale prices.

Visit : and register to have your own account.

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