Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Food/Restaurant Review : BLUFISH Eastwood Mall

This is the first restaurant to open at the new Eastwood Mall in Libis QC. Finally something different! We're tired of all the usual dining places in the area so we were really excited to try this out last Sunday.

Our orders consisted of : 

Appetizer - Ceviche (very similar to what's locally known as Kilawin)
Salad - Grilled Chicken Breast
Main Course - Steamed Seafood (crab, lobster, prawns, clams), Sea Bass, Salpicao, Risotto Negra with Calamares, Salmon Lasagna

The Verdict : DEFINITELY going back for more!

I didn't get to note the exact names of the dishes we ordered though, because I was too eager to try them all out. None of them were disappointing! The Sea Bass was the evening's favorite...all of us adults shared it, it was one huge fish! The Salpicao was a last-minute order and I was glad I asked for it. 

Average check is about P500 per head. 

To see my food pics please click on this link : BLUFISH

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