Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ateneo 4th Grader Dies in Freak Accident

My friend whose 2 boys go to Ateneo relayed this tragic story to me early yesterday morning. It gave me goosebumps and made me say a prayer for Anissa, who was en route to school by then. 

10-year old Ateneo de Manila 4th grade student, Amiel Alcantara, was run over by a car while on his way to his own family vehicle at dismissal time with his yaya. The first accounts of the story were that the driver of the suspect's vehicle went down and left the car on "drive" so that it moved down the slope where it was parked. The driver's employer who was in the car that time, took the wheel but instead of stepping on the brakes, stepped on the accelerator instead. The poor boy who was crossing the street was sandwiched. But according to news reports, the suspect Teresa Torres, also an Ateneo parent claimed the car accelerated uncontrollably. Whether or not it's true, the bottomline is...the child is gone, just like that.

Every morning when I see Anissa off to school, there's only one prayer I've whispered everyday for the past 10 years : Please watch over her and bring her home safely to me. And everytime I remember her during the day, I say the prayer again. I feel so sorry for Amiel's parents. Sorry too for Mrs. Torres who, I am sure, did not intend to cause the damage. But this is tragic, no matter which angle you see it from. The loss of one's child is always extremely painful, life-altering.

My prayers go to Amiel's family, that they may eventually find acceptance and forgiveness in their hearts.

Read the FULL STORY here. 


  1. I have a 3 year old son who will soon go to school. I will be saying the exact same prayer. I pray that the family of the child who died will heal soon.

  2. I hear you, KeN. Thanks for your comment.