Friday, February 6, 2009

Missing Them All

Thanks to my cousin, Ria for posting this in her Shutterfly album. I don't know where my copy's somewhere around I know but I haven't looked at it in a while. This picture brings back bittersweet memories of this family reunion (Mom's side) in 1999. We flew all the way to LA for this. It was the first in a very long time for this side of the family. It was also Anissa's first US trip, a gift from the Spoilers (aka my parents). The others came from the East Coast to join us. This took place in December 1999. We welcomed the new millenium in the US (where it was so boring hahaha).

Kneeling left to right: Cousins Nicky, Pam, Gabby, Addie (back turned) and 
 on Tito Bem's lap
2nd row left to right: Mama Gran, Tita Cecille (party hidden), Tita Dulce, Cousin Ria, Tita Peps with cousin Martin in front of her, Cousins Chris and EJ, Tita Manda, Me and Mom
Back row: Cousin Raymond and my brother Bombi

Three family members in this photo have left us since...

my Tita Peps (Mom's younger sister), the one in the middle wearing glasses, who passed on 8 yrs ago after a short battle with the big C. She was diagnosed with the illness just a few months after this gathering took place. She was the coolest aunt I ever had. I seriously think she took most of my secrets with her to the grave. I love and miss her terribly.

my Grandmother, on the left, 2nd row wearing dark glasses, who left us just last year

and my cousin, Gabby, front row in the grey long-sleeved shirt, who also left us soon after Mama Gran did

I think Anissa was either asleep in the bedroom or running around playing with the other kids when this photo was taken. Dad, I remember was smoking his cigar in the backyard with my other uncles. 

This isn't even the entire family yet. There are 9 siblings on my Mom's side and a total of 23 (or is it 25?) grandchildren, 21 great grandchildren (and twins coming in May this year) and believe it or not...2 great-grandchildren (yes I am a grandma!). 

I miss everyone!!!

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