Friday, February 27, 2009

The Stroller Dilemma

I'm not sure I understand all this hype about strollers nowadays. Mothers seem to be scrambling for the latest MACLAREN model, nevermind if the prices are enough to cause a considerable dent on their wallets. I, on the other hand, have always trusted GRACO to do the job when it comes to baby gear. When Anissa was born, we purchased a Graco bassinet/playpen and stroller. So when Sabine arrived, it was a no-brainer. But I was shocked at how much the prices had gone up since I last went baby gear shopping. MACLAREN strollers are even worse!

Sabine's current one is now too bulky for us. Most of the time it's more an inconvenience to bring it along. She has an umbrella stroller, a generic brand I bought from an online seller. But I got it not because I thought it would serve its purpose for years, but because it has Dora The Explorer's huge figure on the backrest. That's it. Honestly though, I'm sure it won't last too long. It's good for short trips or even visits to the mall sometimes but that's about it. So I'm back in the market for another one, this time a much sturdier one.

I'm not too sold on the MACLAREN though. First of all, Sabine's turning 3. Although she's tiny for her age, I don't see the urgent need to spend P15,000 on a stroller that she'll get tired of using in a couple of years. The designs are very tempting though and yes, I know this is supposed to be the Mercedes Benz of strollers.

Tell me why I should get this

The MACLAREN Quest Mod, approximately $225

over this

CHICCO Liteway, around $130

(Please don't say the Maclaren is cuter hahaha!)


  1. You are so much concerned about selecting a perfect stroller .I would suggest you to go for CHICCO Liteway over MACLAREN Quest Mod because you said Sabine is almost 3.She gets bored sitting in the stroller nearly after four and a half or five years.I would Suggest you to go for Mickey sport pushchair instead of CHICCO Liteway as it is so what cheaper than CHICCO and has some best features.

  2. I have to say it. The MACLAREN is cuter ... but, aside from that, you should get the other one. Its cheaper, more practical and the baby will just throw up on it most likely. Hehe ...

  3. icoobaby1...thanks for the input! Not sure though if the Mickey sport pushchair is available locally.

    KeN...thank you! I'm really leaning towards the Chicco stroller. The Maclaren is pure eyecandy and yes it may be really functional and worth the steep price. But I should've bought that from the start. Too late to invest too much in a stroller now.