Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Product Review : Nokia E71

I waited a few days before writing this review to make sure my comments are accurate. I did get this new baby the day after I first blogged about wanting to get it. I've used it non-stop ever since and I guess the 4-star rating says it all. I want to give it 5 start but that won't be realistic =)

Overall...I'd say this is a really good phone to invest in. The tag price of Php 19,000 is not too steep considering these factors : aesthetics, features and user experience in general. The only thing I had a difficult time adjusting to was the Qwerty keyboard but that was not a major problem. I was texting like crazy on day 2 or 3. 

I have no problem surfing when I'm out and Neal was easily able to configure both my personal and work email addresses into the phone. 

It really is like having your very own Blackberry at half the price. 

I don't regret getting it at all! (But I do miss my Nokia N82's 5mp camera. The E71's camera is only 3.2mp)


  1. Hi :D Does it really function like Blackberry? Or do you have to pay for every email you send and receive? TIA :D

  2. Hi teeyah - you need to sign up for blackberry service with your provider. That's an additional charge per month, on top of your current fixed service fee. In my case, i just check my email when i have to using wifi so I dont get charged extra for the service. Hope this helps =)