Thursday, February 5, 2009

Product Review : Prestige Liquid Eyeliner

This is why I don't like attending meetings in or close to the mall!

I had a 4pm meeting at Power Plant today and was slightly early. So after I was dropped off at the mall's entrance beside Starbucks, I decided to do a quick detour to the Beauty Bar. I wanted to check out the new Smashbox Bronzer but they didn't have it so this is what I ended up with.

I tried it out using their tester and proceeded to my meeting. I wanted to see if it would smudge or smear because I have oily eyelids. About an hour or so later when my meeting was over, I checked on it and I was impressed. It looked as fresh as when I applied it. It also took me just a few seconds to apply it on both eyelids. The teeny brush is great...perfect for those who are just starting to get used to lining their eyes. 

Damage to my wallet? About Php 375 (or was it P395?). I got the black one because I think it makes the eyes pop out more. 

Go and grab yours =)

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