Friday, September 23, 2011

Back to the grind!

I've known about this for quite sometime. It's actually another reason that I've been blogging less lately. With one eye open, I'd been on the lookout for my next work project. There were a few prospects here and there, but nothing seemed to fit. I've learned all these years not to settle for anything, especially if the only thing that makes me go for it is the income. It has to be something I'm really interested in and good at. So I stopped looking for a while.

You know how things just fall on your lap especially when you're not looking?
Well, this thing did.

Today, I had a really busy morning which began at around 7:15. By noon, I had accomplished so much work my upper back started to hurt. Nope, not complaining, just saying.

I couldn't talk about this new venture even when work officially started around 2 weeks ago. We had a timeline and I had to adhere to it. But anyway, it's totally safe to talk about it now. In fact, I will have a tendency to sound like I'm bragging about it so please bear with me.

Meet the latest addition to my list of consulting projects

Of all the projects I've worked on, I'm most excited about this. Primarily because Pia M. is a good friend and I truly believe we are passionate about the same things. Secondly, I'm part of a start-up effort and we all intend to make this work. The challenge is looking me straight in the eye but the excitement remains.

For more info on the foundation, you may visit the following sites:
(sign up to support here, too)

More news later!

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