Friday, September 2, 2011

No sleep

This is what happens when you're so tired and sleepy and you don't fight it.

I was knocked out by 8pm last night, something which rarely happens considering that I spend many sleepless nights up by myself and watching my downloaded TV shows.  I guess the exhaustion and the stress of running a household while worrying about my Dad's medical condition have finally caught up with me.  Asleep by 8pm but wide awake at 1pm?  I honestly thought I would easily fall asleep an hour later, after spending time on Facebook and Twitter.  Sadly though, that didn't happen.

It's 6:11am and I'm still up, no sleep, not sleepy.

Dad's getting his knee operated on in about an hour and a half. I promised Mom I'd be in the hospital before lunch.  Maybe I can crash on Dad's bed there while waiting for him to come back. 


Have a productive last working day of the week and a fun weekend ahead everyone!

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