Monday, September 26, 2011

When bored, buy shoes

At Anissa's cheer dance competition today, I had some time to go around with Neal while we were waiting for the competition's winners to be announced. What else was there for us to do inside a shopping mall? We had never been to SM Southmall together and the last time I was there was in the 90's when it had just opened! I was surprised to find some really good brands there like Promod, FX, Nine West, Charles and Keith. In the area where we stayed most of the time, the ALDO signage kept calling out to me. But I guess it was calling out to Neal too because he was the one who entered the store first, I merely followed suit.

He thought he had found a nice leather messenger bag, but wanted to think about it a little more. Meantime, while he was looking around, I did the same. To cut a long story short, he didn't buy the bag but I scored these

I chose between this nude shade and an olive one. I went for this because I was so close to buying nude YSL Tribute Sandals recently. I decided not to because I didn't know whether I wanted it in a low or high heel. I guess this should satisfy my craving for a pair of nude pumps/sandals. It was also the last pair in my size! Was it really for me?

Don't ask me how I'm gonna walk around in 4 1/2" heels. I still don't know. All I know is I can't wait to take them on a road test. I'm suddenly reminded that I have a lunch meeting tomorrow. That means I won't have to do much walking. Maybe these babies should come with me.

So what do you think ... should I get the YSL Tributes in black?

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