Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Best compliment ever!

I normally don't take note of the outfits I wear on a daily basis but allow me to make an exception. As I was stepping out to a lunch meeting yesterday, Anissa who was home from school said to me

Mom, that's the best thing I've seen you wear so far!

At first, I joked her about what she said and I asked her if she thought all this time that my clothes are baduy (outdated).  Of course she laughed and clarified her statement.  Whether or not she was trying to inch her way out of an awkward situation, I really don't care.  I almost never get compliments from my teenager so this one felt extra special.

So what was I wearing?  I honestly didn't have a difficult time putting it together.

Inner : Linen long top, Zara Woman
Topper : Chiffon printed jacket from Toppicks Couture (Facebook)
Bottom : Black skinny jeans, Forever 21
Shoes : Nude platform stilettos, Aldo

Did I survive in those 4.5" heels?  For a few hours, yes I did!

Thank you, my dearest girl, for that absolutely wonderful compliment!
It made my day!

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