Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Dukan Diet : there's always a first time

I've never, ever gone on a diet. I was born thin, grew up thin and in fact, was too thin for a time, my parents were seriously worried about my health. I hit 100 lbs when I was already working (at age 22). I even managed to wear a bikini during the summer even after I gave birth to my firstborn and until she was 10 years old. But I'm turning 43 in less than a month. Things began to change after I had Sabine 5 years ago. My metabolism went down so I went up a size (or maybe 2). All in all, I'm still not what you'd call fat or overweight. But I'm not getting any younger and I totally hate exercising. Never even used or tried using any type of gym equipment. So when a friend told me about her hubby's Dukan Diet, I took interest. In fact, there are 4 of us on this diet right now. 

The main reason I didn't reject the thought of going into the Dukan Diet? It's not depriving like all the other diets I've heard of. It's high protein, so you don't literally starve yourself. 

I'm on Day 3 (about to end in a few minutes) and here are photos of what I've eaten so far

Beef Kebab minus the garlic dipping sauce, tomato and the thin slice of Pita

French Mushroom Omelette 
(I asked them to not put cheese)

Beef Tapa and Egg
(I skipped the fried rice and didn't touch the tomato and cucumber)

To gain a better understanding of why I didn't eat the items I mentioned, you can go and check the Dukan Diet official website.

Yesterday, at the close of Day 2, I was 51.8 kilograms. The day before I started, I was 53 kilograms.
I'm hoping to lose the average 8 lbs that Dukan Dieters say they shed off on the first week alone. If I do less than 8 lbs I'm still okay with that. 

The first week (attack phase) is the hardest!
A few more days to go before this phase is over ... wish me luck!!!

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