Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Stella Luna makes the most beautiful shoes

I'm on my third pair from this brand. My very first purchase was their classic flat shoes in a screaming metallic green. The next pair was a 4-inch open toed wedge in gun metal. And then this ...

The thing I love about this pair most is the comfort it provides despite its height. I think it was truly meant for me, the last pair in my size at the Shang store. I saw this style months ago so I guess that's why there was only one color left on the shelf. I would have to admit though that I can't spend on Stella Luna shoes all the time. But if you want quality and comfort, you definitely have to pay a premium. These are exactly what you get in return when you buy a pair of Stella Lunas. I never had a blister, never complained about the fit. Their shoes are truly worth every cent you shell out to get them.

And since we're on the topic, I again visited an Aldo store recently just to look and I was pleasantly surprised to see the pair I tried on a week before already on sale!

From 7k now down to 5k. A savings of 2k is not bad at all!
But it'll just have to wait a bit because my next target is a bag haha!

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