Friday, October 28, 2011

Review : Sleek Creme to Powder Foundation

For just PHP 650.00, this foundation packs in a lot of power.  I didn't think I'd ever be able to find a product that will help me address my main frustration when it comes to my skin : OIL.

I am so excited to share this because I know there are a lot of you out there who share my frustration.

Check my previous post for product photos

Today, I got to try it out because I had to go with my toddler to her Halloween Party in school. It was the perfect time to do so because I knew I wouldn't be holed up in an airconditioned room the whole time. I really was so excited to put this to the test!

Here I am as soon as I got to the school, about 15 minutes after application

(I'm wearing Sleek's True Color Lipstick in Barely There)

Then here I am about 2 1/2 hours later. Take note, no airconditioning.

At this point, I was already extremely impressed by it but I decided to take another photo just to prove my point.  This last photo was taken approximately 4 1/2 hours after application, as soon as I got home.

I never had to touch up or use oil blotting paper (my bestfriend) the whole time. 
I'm so sorry, MAC Studiofix, I've obviously found a much better foundation. You've served me well but it's time to move on with Sleek!

I just thought it would be nice to show all of you how oily my skin really is

This photo was taken last night, after coming home from a dinner out with friends.
I used MAC Studiofix, stayed out from about 6pm to 9pm and stayed in an airconditioned room the whole time. But look at how oily I am!


  1. it looks great on you! did you set it with powder pa after?

  2. Thanks! No setting powder used :)

  3. Great review ^.^
    Do you think it will suit for Normal to fry skin as well?

  4. do you use the sponge that comes with it or foundation brush?

  5. I use any of the two, depending on my mood :)