Friday, October 28, 2011


I finally got a hold of them last night! We had a mini try-out session after dinner because my friend, Smile, who runs the site Updated Trends brought her stuff with her for the rest of us to try. Winner plan!!! (Updated Trends is one of two online stores that carries Sleek)

Because everything was within reach and with testers at that, I easily gave in to temptation.

Creme to Powder Foundation, Php 650
(I'll blog about this separately because it deserves its own entry)
You can get this from DigitalTraincase

I chose SAND which is next to the lightest shade they have

Looking at the pan, I knew I had chosen the right shade

Up next, the blush which I got in Pomegranate. Php 400.
I love the really compact packaging. It fits right into my tiny kit.

I made a stupid mistake and rushed to open it so that my nail dug into the blush when I flipped the lid (see that dent on the left side?). Does it look scary in the pan to you? It kinda does. But I'm sure with a light hand, it will all work out good. I've never tried a similar shade before and I'm in the mood for a bit of adventure! I can't wait to take this out on a road test!

Last but not the least, lipstick! I can't not have lipstick!
Php 400 each.

Again, two thumbs up for packaging! The tubes are so elegant-looking. I love that they're black.
I chose BARELY THERE and OMG, both with sheen finish. This, after trying on so many other shades!

OMG on the left, BARELY THERE on the right
One dark and one light.

I'm happy!

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