Thursday, February 7, 2008


I have been reading this thread in GirlTalk about this new salon in Legaspi Village called RAZZLE DAZZLE. Surprisingly, the thread has reached 9 pages but there is not a single negative feedback on the salon's services. But before anyone screams WHYYYYYYY??? (because I recently blogged about sort of wanting to grow my boy cut)...I've been contemplating on getting a transition cut to help me grow my hair again, this time into a neat bob

It just so happens that RAZZLE DAZZLE is located just somewhere behind my office building so yesterday I called to set an appointment for today during my lunch break. I chose their stylist, Sunny, because everyone in the thread kept saying he's really good with short cuts. So off I went and it took me between 5 and 7 minutes to find the place (along Rada Street). I was warmly greeted by the staff and Sunny came to me a few seconds later. He called me by my first name and we talked like old friends while he explained to me what he was doing. I love the way he was so ma-chika and accommodating. He agreed that I should try to grow my hair a bit and went into a frenzy about what I should do to it next time I drop by for a visit (i.e., highlights, volume rebonding etc etc). He also sales talked me into having my hair treated and although I was shocked when I got my bill (I've never really spent too much on my hair before), I would have to say the experience was well worth it. Now I can't wait to get those highlights!

Pardon the grainy quality of the photos...I had to take these in the bathroom
and the lighting was dim

By the way, their International Creative Director (aka master stylist) is Singaporean (I think). His name is Louis Kee and everyone who's tried him so far claims that he's a wizard! I'm intrigued hehe but I love Sunny and I seriously want to keep going back to him until I achieve the hair length that I'm aiming for.

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