Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday mass for JLo

Nope, not Jennifer Lopez. DH and I went to La Salle Greenhills this morning (along with hoardes of other people) to hear mass at 10am for the now very famous
Probinsyanong Chinoy, Jun Lozada. Some very enterprising Pinoys were selling shirts that said "JLo, hindi ka nag-iisa!". Trust a Filipino to come up with something like that.

Anyhoo, I don't mean for this post to sound so political simply because I've never really been into politics. In fact, I always used to tell myself and everyone else that I can never be a politician's wife because I AM NOT cut out for the job. In fact, although I am confrontational by nature, there are two things I don't like to argue with others about and that's politics and religion. The past few weeks though, DH and I have been following Jun Lozada's story, both on TV and in the papers and I've been reminded once again of why I loathe politics. I am, however, all for this guy's cause and in my heart I know and believe that he is telling the absolute truth. Don't let me go on with my views about this whole ZTE-NBN brouhaha because I just have too much to say about it and I don't even want to start.

I heard mass in La Salle today because I wanted to show my support for this brave man who stepped up, risked his and his loved ones' lives and gave up his privacy to get his message across. I watched him in the senate hearing, last night on TV vs Abalos (oh brother...he's another story and I don't even want to talk about him!) and listened to his brief but moving speech after the mass today and I only have one thing to say : God bless him. I was touched to the core by someone I don't even know and whose name and face had been alien to me until now. I take my hat off to him and will continue to pray that he's able to overcome all the seemingly insurmountable odds that face him.

~~The essence of humanity is the capacity to sacrifice
for the sake of the truth~~

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