Monday, February 4, 2008

Wishlist for 2008

My co-Kulasa, Isah just posted her list and I'm almost sure she's going to tag me so here I go with mine. I'm going to try and be as realistic as possible hehehe!

> Spend more quality time with loved ones : most especially Anissa who is growing up too fast before my very own eyes. I want to have more one-on-one time with her before she begins to prefer being with friends over Mommy.

> Organize all the photos in my hard drive and print them all out instead of just saving them in CDs. Guilty guilty guilty of procrastinating on this one.> Go back to making my Daily Gratitude List.

> Go on monthly dates with hubby.> Take lots of beach trips because we missed out on the whole summer last year with me being pregnant with Sabine.

> Take care of my skin more --- MOISTURIZE and make it a habit to wear sunblock!

> Visit my OB Gyne regularly (she's beginning to wonder if I've packed my bags and left the country).

> Drink my vitamins regularly and start taking Calcium supplements.

> Make a list of all the birthdays I need to remember and keep it updated.

> Eat more healthy food.

> Drink less Coke and more water (I'm so not looking forward to this).

> Lessen my coffee intake (I'm not exactly sure I can do this).

> Be more watchful of my sugar intake because diabetes runs on my Dad's side of the family.

> Buy really nice picture frames to replace the ones that Sabine has murdered hahaha!> Smoke less! - okay I seriously, seriously need to start doing this =(

> THINK THINK THINK before I buy. Thanks to my almost 2-year "stint" as stay-at-home Mom, I've genuinely developed the knack for being "kuripot". Maybe the people who know me very well will find this hard to believe but it's true. Get used to it =)

> Clean out my closet more often.> Be less lazy to go out and have fun with friends.

> Organize all important family documents into a NEAT and DECENT file : passports, birth and baptismal certificates, Anissa's school docs, utility receipts that are less than a year old, etc.

> Get rid of 2 of our 3 credit cards.

> Religiously transfer a portion of my humble income into our pooled savings account (and bug DH no end to do the same) then hold on to that ATM card and hide it!

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