Monday, February 4, 2008

Thankful for friendships

I received some very disturbing news last night about one of my BFFs and the things she's had to go through in the past few weeks. I didn't quite know how to react at first because although I'm in constant touch with her, I knew nothing about the story I heard. I began to wonder if there was any truth to it but never asked myself why she didn't tell me. That's how we all are in this group. We've learned, throughout the 20 plus years that we've been friends, to respect each other's private space. We no longer demand to know everything but instead trust one another enough to know that if anyone needs a shoulder to cry on, all it would ever take is a text or a phonecall. So that's exactly what I did while I got stuck in a few minutes of traffic on my way to work this morning. I sent her a text to ask her what I've come to know and let her know that if she needed to talk I'm just here like I've always been, but that I will definitely respect her if she doesn't wish to go into details.

To cut a long story short, I made a promise to see her after work today. We had a short phone conversation after I got to the office and in between her painful sobs, I managed to assure her that everything will be okay and that this is just one of those obstacles God has decided to throw her way. Possibly to test her faith and perhaps to remind her of all the other blessings she needs to be thankful for. I was really touched when she said that one of the biggest awakenings she's had lately is about friendship. Even if we belong to one core group, she has other sets of friends too, just like me. But this recent personal crisis she experienced has taught her to be mindful of whom she can and can't trust. She's hurting a lot largely due to the fact that she now knows who her real friends are and I was telling her, that's life. Sometimes it throws you the biggest curveballs because otherwise we wouldn't be able to see things clearly. Now that the storm has passed, she should learn to look beyond the pain of losing the people whom she thought were her friends and be thankful for those who decided to stick around. I know it's easier said than done at this point, when everything seems to be reminding her of the pain. But she should trust someone who's "been there, done that". The difficulties don't last very long. Everything gets better in time. It just has to!

And after our conversation she sent me a heart-warming text saying that I don't have to remind her that I'm here because she knew a long time ago that I'm no fair-weathered friend and whether she likes it or not, I'm in her life forever and ever. Hahaha...I'm so glad I was able to make her "smile" even in her SMS. I'm hoping that when I go and see her later (yes, I'm going to brave the Monday traffic along SLEX at rush hour just to spend time with her), I'll be able to hold up well when she starts crying, because I'm 101% sure tears will flow freely as they always have over the years whenever we all sit down to talk about problems.

It's been a really long time since we've had to deal with a major issue so I'm hoping I haven't lost my touch and be able to pass on some sound advice to her. It's the least I can do for someone who is really like a sister to me.

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