Saturday, September 20, 2008

Not My Idea of a Relaxing Weekend

Two things...

FIRST : Anissa's cellphone got stolen in school today. I don't allow her to bring a cellphone to school (because it's against school policies). But I wrote an excuse letter to her adviser today because she needed it to coordinate with her DF about the time she wants to be picked up. She had cheerleading practice in the gym and kept her phone inside her bag, which she left along with the bags of the other girls in the varsity, well within their reach, in case they need to get anything. After practice when they checked on their stuff, they each found something missing. In Anissa's case, it was her cellphone. The others lost their wallets, one lost her volleyball. I felt so sorry for her when she told me. I assured her it wasn't her fault and that there was no other place to keep the phone anyway. The person who stole it knew which students to target. I haven't even resolved the last issue with the school and here comes another one. Now I have to get her a new phone...hayyyyy!

NEXT : Another huge letdown. Our Araneta contact person confirmed with us this evening that we don't have tickets to this Sunday's Lasalle-Ateneo game. Why did I have a feeling this would happen? AGAIN...where did all the effing tickets go??? We have one more option, our last one. And that is to fall in line (more have someone fall in line) at the Araneta Coliseum Ticketnet booth very very early (and I mean SUPER early) Sunday morning. But on the news tonight, Arnold Clavio said that only General Admission tickets are left for sale. MAJOR BUMMER on a Friday night. I should've expected this to happen. After all, it's Ateneo's first time in the finals again after waiting sooooooooooo long (hehehe, sorry Blue people, I just had to say that) and I'd be overly-excited too if I were blue (which I am not hee hee!).

Current Mood : In the mood to kill thieves (the cellphone-stealing kind and the ones who got all the good tickets waaaahhh!!!)

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