Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Big Girl Volleyball Champ

The PASA-PRISA competitions for volleyball ended today and St Paul Pasig emerged as the overall champion.

Anissa proudly called me up at around 1130am to let me know that they won the first of 2 games today and that she took the winning shot. WOW. I am totally shocked that she's taking this sport seriously! I was surprised that she even chose to try out for the volleyball varsity. She's always been more interested in dancing and gymnastics. So at first I thought she was just curious about volleyball. Obviously, she's more into it than I thought.

Then at around 3pm, her coach was the one who sent me a text saying that they had won the championship and they were on their way back to school.

This time Anissa didn't want her picture taken anymore when she got home hehehe. Na-conscious kasi she looks and smells like "garbage" daw.

She's now busy reviewing for her Math and Science long tests, which she was excused from taking today due to the games. I'm hoping she starts taking her academics as seriously.


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