Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nervous Nervous!

Today's THE day!

At 4pm, arch rivals De La Salle University and Ateneo de Manila University lock horns in what could be the most exciting game in the history of college basketball since God knows when. Araneta will be jampacked as always (I'm assuming a lot of people are going to play hooky and find a reason to skip work today or at the very least take the afternoon off PLUS I know for a fact that Ateneo will not have classes for its students in the afternoon). I'm lucky to be off from work on Tuesdays and Thursdays, otherwise I'll have to play hooky myself hahaha!

That's nervous laughter, mind you.

I'm faced with a double-edged sword actually. I want Lasalle to win badly, of course. As a diehard college basketball fan, I would rather see the Archers lose to ANY other school but NOT this one! If they do win, the standing will be tied and they'll have another shot at back-to-back championship titles on Sunday via Game 3. BUT if that happens, I'll be stressed out for the next 3 days again. Not to mention the fact that more people will be available to watch Sunday's game and therefore, there will be MAJOR scrambling for tickets for sure!


The game is a good 9 hours away but the tension is so great, I'm already on my 2nd cup of coffee. Basketball fanatics I'm sure will understand exactly where I'm coming from. There will be no lunch for me today, thank you. I can't imagine going into this game with a full stomach. I've no idea how much tickets are being sold as of presstime. But last night, I wast old that Upper A seats were already going for as much as P2,500 each. Last Sunday, Patron section tickets were being sold for P25,000. Ridiculous??? YES. Unusual? NO. Disgusting??? YOU BET. Those dirtbags surely have more than enough to empty out the contents of all the bazaars this holiday season. Whoever you all are, may araw din kayo. Shame on you for taking advantage of diehards like myself (not that I've succumbed to their tactics...thankfully, I haven't found a reason to do so yet).

Bring the title home, boys!

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  1. Easy on your caffeine Patty! Can't wait for the game myself am watching straight from a 12h night shift! Waaaaa :D