Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bag of Beans!

We're not from the South so I was totally ecstatic when I discovered that there's a branch of this along President's Avenue. We first had dinner in Shakey's across the street (as demanded by our 2 yr old boss) and then crossed over because I just had to buy their Arabica Robusta coffee (which I'm having as I type) and their pies to take home with me. I usually have their famous famous Shepherds Pie but this time we decided to try out their Steak and Gravy and Steak and Mushroom.

Sadly though...the only 2 branches in the city are both in the South (the other one somewhere in Alabang, according to the sales person).

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  1. Hi! I saw your blog when I googled for arabica/robusta from bag of beans. How do you prepare this type of coffee (proportions, need of cream, etc.)? I would appreciate your reply. -tina