Thursday, September 25, 2008


Who would have thought that barely a month since my grandmother passed away, the family would again have to deal with another huge blow. This time, like a thief in the night...totally unexpected. The rug was literally pulled from under all of us this morning when I got a text from my Tita Marita asking if she could call me on my landline and if my Mom was anywhere near me (she sleeps here a couple of nights weekly). I sensed that something was wrong and she had to speak to me in confidence so I grabbed the phone and went out to the patio to wait for Tita's call.

In between sobs...I was told that my 19-year old cousin, California-based Gabby, figured in an accident and the doctors say he might not make it through the day. She didn't know too much except that he had fallen from the 3rd floor of a building. I had the unenviable task of breaking the news to my Mom, who is older sister to Gabby's Dad and probably the closest to him.

Things happened so quickly. I was busy texting people and asking for information the whole morning and everyone was debating on whose responsibility it should be to tell Tito Bem, Gabby's Dad who is based here. Before I knew it, I received a text message saying that Gab was brain-dead and less than an hour later he expired.

I am absolutely numbed by today's events. Didn't shed a tear, not even when my bestfriend, Anna whom I had lunch with, looked so sad and was near tears while I told her what was happening. As of the time I got home from work tonight, all we know is that it happened inside the base where he lives (he's with the Marines) and that pending an autopsy, all they can speculate at the moment is that he might have been sleep walking and had fallen off. I'm not sure I completely understand.

First, Mama Gran and now Gabby.

I need a moment to take this all in.

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