Monday, March 2, 2009

Fashion Fixers from

Here are some great inventions to help address those everyday fashion "emergencies". The article calls them the secret weapons of stylists:
The DEQUART SLEEVE by, $26.95
Wear this to slim your upper arms and prevent arm jiggle! Looks kinda hot to wear though for the kind of weather we have here but looks promising for the cold months. Comes in a variety of lengths, too.

Don't we all need something like this? I wish someone would come up with a local version though, so that we can get a variety of styles and colors to suit our wardrobe. Also comes in cami, slip, tube versions to trim that ugly midsection!

Want to get rid of those annoying back bulges? I've had this problem eversince I started to gain weight. Even if through the years and after 2 kids I've managed to somehow go back to my original weight, my body is not what it used to be. Love handles, a kangaroo pouch and this! I've tried adjusting my bra size to no avail. This might just end my misery!

GARMENT GUARD in Black at, $10.95 for 5 pairs in a pack
God knows how many times I've had to clean up those deodorant smudges on my black top (I wear black a lot). This is supposed to be the sponge that cleans up that mess after putting your black top on. Also works in taking out makeup and toothpaste smudges. Also available at

FABRIC STRIPS at, $30 for a set of 4 strips
Are you like me? Do you have your jeans'/pants' lengths altered according to the different heel sizes you wear? Yes, I really do this hehe! I have jeans that I can only wear with heels 2" and up. And those that are perfect for ballet flats or flip flops. With these strips, you don't need to worry about wanting to change your shoes in the middle of the day. I sometimes feel the need to do this when my feet are tired and painful from wearing heels but can't because the length of my pants would be too long for flat shoes. A little steep though considering you would have to get this in all the colors you might need.


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