Friday, March 9, 2012

Hello, summer hair color!

I've had this habit for a few years now. Right before or as soon as the summer months start, I make sure to get a new hair color. I go one or 2 shades lighter because I think summer calls for color, even for your hair.

Last Saturday, after weeks of waiting, I finally booked an afternoon with Lina, my stylist at Traffic Salon (Wilson St. Greenhills, beside DEC). On my last visit, I promised her my next session would be a change in hair color. I knew I wanted to go lighter, but I had no idea what kind of "light" I wanted. I asked Lina to handle everything. She knew what I wanted and because she always knows what she's doing, I ended up with this really awesome color!

The salon uses Schwarzkopf Igora. Unfortunately, the shades come in numbers and I forgot what they are (she used two shades to come up with mine).

I just wish the weather would be a little bit kinder. It's such a hassle wearing long hair down in this unbearable heat!

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