Monday, March 12, 2012

Tory Burch : hit or miss

I just love Tory Burch's shoes. Unfortunately, not all of her styles agree with my (weird) feet. My very first purchase was a pair of her much-celebrated Revas, of course. In black because I'm boring!

Not my photo, but this is the exact same style I got. I used it the first time and my feet began to complain less than an hour after I walked around in them. Take note, I wasn't even in the mall or anywhere out. I was in the office, walking to and from the photocopier or my boss' corner room. I survived the rest of the day in them but was cussing by the time I got into the car to go home. Sadly, I had to sell them off on eBay and hopefully the new owner didn't experience the same annoying discomfort that I did.

I accepted the fact that maybe her closed-toe styles are not for me, so even if I've been tempted on and off to get another pair, I've stayed away so far. They're not exactly cheap!

My 2nd pair is the Patti Wedge in Tan. Again, not my photo. I'm ashamed to take a photo of mine and post it here because this pair has been used and abused. Zero issues, it was worth every cent!

They're so loved by me that I'm actually thinking of getting a back-up pair when the one I have starts getting ugly :p More recently, I got the Thora Jellies in black (last picture below). Again, worth every cent spent because my feet love them. They're also perfect for the summer months.

Just a tip : get a size up when buying Tory Burch shoes. Or better yet, try them on before you buy them. I wonder what my next pair will be? :)

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