Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Firstborn is 16

My birthday girl, Anissa ... today, on your 16th birthday, I marvel at the kind of young lady you've become : smart, full of talent, a good friend to many, a big sister who is looked up to with so much love. So determined and focused. I admire your kind heart, your wit and your ability to express yourself. In many ways, you are a lot like me. Yet when I look long enough, I realize that you are so much more. Everyday with you is insightful. Believe it or not, I learn a lot from you, too.

Sometimes I can't believe that I'm half responsible for raising you. It is a constant challenge because a part of me wants you to enjoy every possible opportunity, but the other part needs to protect you. If there are times you don't understand where I'm coming from, I'll gladly take the "blame" because I know that the heartache is temporary, but the long-term results will be worth it.

Thank you for the things you teach me everyday, for always making me strive to improve. Be kind to everyone you know and meet, respect all - old or young, live each day so that you can look back with satisfaction and not regret, love yourself and everything about you but change what you think is keeping you from reaching your true potential.

Lastly, when in doubt ... always, always shout, "Mom!" :D

Loads and loads of ♥♥♥ today and forever!!!

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