Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bonding With My Big Girl

I finally enrolled Anissa at Club Gymnastica today. She'll be taking 3 hour classes, 3 times a week for a whole month starting tomorrow. That's a lot of hours spent on the floor but this is what she really wanted. I made her choose between dance classes at Orange (right where Gymnastica is, too) and gymnastics and she opted for the latter because she feels the need to develop her skills in this area. Good point! I think she's a good enough dancer at this point, just needs a little more confidence while performing, but that can easily be dealt with. I'm happy she was able to make that decision all by herself.

After enrolling her, it was off to Megamall to buy gym clothes. Good thing the ever-reliable YVONNE'S is still around! I used to buy a lot of my leotards and tights from them while taking ballet lessons and I don't know if there's any other local brand you can trust to this day.  And while we were at it, she decided to look around and shop some more. I agreed because we didn't have any other plans and her birthday's coming up in a few days. She picked out swimsuits and sunglasses for our trip to Bora, a new Coleman jug to take with her to gym classes and a really cute pair of Vans sneakers, as part of my birthday gift daw. Emphasis on the PART --- she's still thinking of other things she wants for her birthday daw (gulp!). After that, we both couldn't resist the urge to scoot over to the Children's Section to look for pasalubong for Sabine. We ended up picking out more stuff for the little girl!

Anissa got hungry soon after that and requested for some sushi (what's new?) so off we went to Teriyaki Boy at the Atrium, where we both ate a heavy merienda before heading home.

THANK YOU, MOMMY with a big smile --- that's what I got from her over and over again during our afternoon together. Super simple yet so meaningful. Was she saying thank you to me for her new loot? Maybe. But I, on the other hand, was thankful for the precious time spent with her. I went home empty-handed from this shopping trip, which is a HUGE achievement, if you know me well hehehe. But my "basket" is full nevertheless.

I'm really looking forward to Tuesday, her actual birthday. More precious bonding time!


  1. Awwww ... I'm no longer a small girl but I sure wish those dates with my mom buying clothes could happen more often now but with me treating her instead of her treating me. I used to really hate it when she would get me dresses coz I was tomboyish back then.

    It feels so good reading up on your mother - daughter bonding times. I wish my son and I will have the same bond when he grows up.

  2. Hi, kay! Thanks for always dropping by. Yup, I hated it too whenever my Mom would try to dress me up. I sometimes feel the urge to do the same with my eldest but I stop myself and allow her to express herself, provided she doesn't look shabby or neglected =)