Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Salon Day and Clara's Christening

I was touched, to say the least, when Pia asked me to be one of Clara's godmothers at her baptism today. I've always been fond of both Arkin and Clara so, naturally, I immediately said yes I would be happy to be Clara's ninang!But before that, I had a date with my girls. I promised Anissa that I would take her to the salon today to have her hair relaxed --- not rebonded, which is what she wanted to do at first. Sabine tagged along and was a good girl (well, 80% of the time) while we waited hours for Ate.

After that, we rushed (as in literally) to the Christ the King church in Greenmeadows because I didn't want to be late for the baptism/9th day mass for Francis (has it been 9 days already?). Good thing it started 15 minutes past the appointed time and when I got there, Smile's hubby Cameron told me, "You look harassed...breathe in, breathe out". Hahaha!

Now I can OFFICIALLY say that Vic Sotto, Joey de Leon and Bitoy are my "kumpares" (pero syempre hindi nila alam yon). Oh but before I forget, just before everyone left the church we all noticed this huge butterfly in the room (the mass and ceremony was held at the smaller chapel on the side of the main church). It looked exactly like the ones that were released at FM's funeral last Wednesday and according to Pia, it had been there before during their novena masses after FM's death. Coincidence? I think it must have been FM, witnessing his baby's entry into the Christian world. He must be one uber proud Pop!

Anyhoo...after the ceremony, we all trooped up north to Bitoy's residence (beautiful by the way but I don't have pics to share) for the reception. I wanted to stay long but had promised my family that we would catch up with them for our Sunday dinner.


At Clara's Christening...

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