Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Good job, Anissa!

Last Saturday, March 14, at the 2009 National Cheerleading Championship held at the Ynares Sports Complex along Shaw Blvd in Pasig.The St Paul College Pasig cheerleading varsity performed during the intermission (along with 2 other junior teams, Poveda and Holy Spirit).
They didn't compete this year because the grade school division will only be allowed to compete next year. So this was like a preview of what they're going to go through in 2010. (Note : I initially thought they were competing na because that's what Anissa told me. Turns out, she put one over me! Bumabawi siguro because I made her inis about bringing a streamer etc)
I was impressed by her team's performance and had flashbacks of my cheerleading days in grade school, although I never really got to compete. I'm hoping they really do well and make it to next year's cut (stage Mom talking). Video to follow...

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