Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Teenager Loves Me (hehehe)

I should really start an entirely different blog on my journey as a Mom to a teenager (Anissa will be turning 13 in a few weeks). Here's another interesting conversation I had with her Sunday over dinner:

A : Mom, are you gonna be busy on March 14?
M : What day is that, Saturday?

A : Yup!

M : I don't know...why?

A : Nothing...(smiling mischievously)

M : Why nga?

A : Nothing nga...

(And by this time I knew why she was asking na...she has a Cheerleading Competition)
M : March 14, Saturday...let's see...hmmm...

A : Mom, what?!

M : Oh yes I just remembered, I have something in my calendar on that day!

A : Okay (smiling broadly and in relief)

M : I have to go and watch you compete in the Cheerleading competition nga pala!

A : Oh darn it...Mom, you really don't have to go you know.

M : Oh yes I do, why shouldn't I? I want to watch you win!

A : But Mom it's not required for parents to watch so it's okay if you don't go, really!!!

M : Is that so? Eh...what about the huge streamer I'm having made? What will I do with that?

A : (Panicking and freaking out) Streamer??? What streamer???

M : The one that says "Go, Anissa!!! WE LAB YOU!!!" (hehehe...)

A : (Speechless and pikon...)

Neal : Oh yes I'm having that printed na, Anissa (at nakisali sa pang iinis ko without even being prompted). Sayang naman if we don't get to use it. Mommy nga wants pom poms made pa for all of us so we can cheer you on. And we had a mini cheerleader costume made for Sabine!

A : (Giving both Neal and I dagger looks) You guys aren't serious right?

M : Do I look like I'm kidding?

A : (Stands up from the table) I'm getting more food from the buffet. I can't believe you would do that. It's so embarassing, I'm never going to hear the end of it from my friends.

Snicker, snicker! And I wonder pa why she doesn't want me hanging around...hehehe!

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  1. This made me laugh out loud! So funny .... but I can relate ... though I did want my Mom to watch ... but not to be too close ...