Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mid Week Reflections

Life is too short to waste on trivial matters so...

Treasure every moment spent with the people who matter to you

Teach your children --- teach them every chance you get
(In the final analysis, the lessons and values you've instilled in them are those that will help them through life when you're gone, not the money you leave behind)

Find your mission and make it happen...with all your heart and might

Know who your real friends are and stay away from those who aren't,
in order to preserve your sanity

Look back BUT only to remember where you came from and all the mistakes you made along the way

Learn to really LET GO and LET GOD. Practice what you preach.

Be thankful for everything : more for the bad than the good, because it's the bad stuff that keeps you grounded.

Leave no room for regrets!

Looking forward to the weekend...

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