Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Food Review : Old Vine Grille

This is the BEST new restaurant we've tried so far at the new Eastwood Mall.
Here's a blow by blow review on our orders:Fish and Chips - served really crispy on the outside but cooked perfectly on the inside. The fish was still soft and juicy (I hate it when it's really dry). The potato wedge were just the right size.Chef's Quarter Steak (to share portion) - Neal loved this! He thought he had ordered too much but he finished off what was on the entire plate. Came with salad, too.Grilled Tiger Prawns - this was my order. Loved it! Came with salad and a generous serving of mashed potatoes.Grilled Salmon - Anissa the salmon freak had this and was so happy too. The fish was (again) cooked to perfection. She loved the Wasabi dressing that was generously spread on top of the big slice of salmon.Baked Dory with Pasta - DM's order. Didn't get to try this but she said it was really good.
Can't complain about the service either. Dad says this place is always packed. I don't wonder at all why. Ave check is P600.
P.S. They also kept replenishing our complimentary basket of dinner rolls (even without being asked). The bread was freshly-baked.

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  1. we just visited! i loved the tessie tomas salad and the marinated duck confit. but we didn't get a bread basket!!!!! ack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm mad.