Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Teenager Loves Me (Chapter 3)

This time, I KNOW she really will!

Anissa will be 13 on Tuesday, March 31. I can hardly believe she'll be a teenager in just a few days. Primarily because she only looks like one but doesn't act like it. I'm glad she's still so playful and makulit, although sometimes her kakulitan really puts my patience to the test (yes, more than Sabine's).

I know she'll really love me because on Tuesday, I'm planning to take her with me when I go to Nail Loft. I'll make her get whatever she wants to have and I'm sure it's going to be a manicure-pedicure with her choice of nail polish. It's summer, she's off from school and I think it's okay for her to wear color on her nails just this time. And because it's always been hard to get her friends to come over for a small party or get-together because school's out, I'll probably take her shopping afterwards, so she can choose her gift. Not that I'm totally clueless about what to get her. Just that I want to make sure she gets something she absolutely wants (and I have a feeling it's shoes from Ecko, which she's been telling me about) and probably some clothes from either People R People or Bayo --- take note: NOT Kids of Bayo daw. If she had her way though, she would like to receive a mini-laptop, but I think it's much too early in the ball game for Mom to give in to this request. There's a desktop at home that she can use anytime she wants except on schooldays. I don't think she's responsible enough just yet to be given her own laptop. That can probably wait until she's in high school.

I also promised to enroll her in either gymnastics or dance classes for the summer, so she can prepare for cheerleading competitions next school year.

I'm going to be Mom to a teenager very, very soon! Happy? Sentimental? Both, I guess. But I know that the "headaches" are just about to start. I'm so glad I still have Sabine because I know Anissa will want to spend less time with me eventually. Seriously though, despite the fears and everything Anissa and I have gone through, I look at her and I feel proud to have raised a beautiful, talented, articulate, smart and kind-hearted daughter.

Now let me go back to what I was doing before I decided to write this entry. I still don't have the design for her birthday cake!

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