Wednesday, March 18, 2009


My attention was called to this just a few minutes ago. I am, to say the least, really disgusted with what people are capable of doing for money. Let's just say they really just want to honor Francis' memory (let's just say)...the least they could have done was to inform Pia about their intention. They want shirts? Get from FMCC at a special bulk rate and sell them at a profit, heck...whatever! Basta they should've asked permission PERIOD. They're on Facebook for crying out loud, and so are Pia and her kids. How hard was it to send a message?

Anyhoo...please read on:
This is the shirt they're selling for $30 each. The WORST part is, they're saying that proceeds will go to the Francis Magalona Foundation. THERE IS NO SUCH FOUNDATION. If there was one, Pia would be first to announce its existence.

PLEASE...if you are truly a Francis Magalona fan, if you really loved him for his music and his achievements, then you will not fall prey to this (and other tactics out there, as I've been told).
None of these people have the permission of Francis' family.

Here are a couple of links that will give you full details on the above:

To my contacts who are based in Canada, please heed this warning and don't be fooled...

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  1. It is sad how people try to profit from a celebrity's death. I think there has been an update to this and they tried to get Pia's permission but I think she didn't give it. I hope they respect her decision.