Monday, January 9, 2012

Callie Bath and Body - my dynamic duo!

Amber Lights Laguna (ALL), known for their scented soy candles has expanded and now carries a bath and body line called CALLIE.

My good friend, the brains behind ALL gave me this for Christmas

I have been using them nonstop since the day I got them! They say layering is one of the best ways to sustain a scent. These are perfect for doing so. Even my 5-year old loves the way they smell. They're also great to give as gifts, just make sure you give them as a set because they really work best that way.

Other than ALL's signature candles, I'm also really fond of their reed diffuser. The scent I have in my bedroom now is Day at the Spa and I literally like I'm walking into a Balinese spa whenever I enter my room.

Photo above was taken from ALL's site. See all the other scents? I suggest you try them all!
Click on this to see their product list.

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