Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Discovered : Snoe Beauty

I swear, spending too much time online has resulted in a very expensive habit for me. I see things I'd never even heard of before and I'm off to the mall to buy them.

This is exactly what happened when I saw Sophie's blog entry about Snoe Beauty's Intense Argan Oil Cleansing Conditioner from their Hair Heroes line. She raved about the product from start to finish, I just knew I had to grab my own bottle. I've been having my hair colored since I-don't-know-when. Plus maybe 2 years ago, I started having it rebonded as well. In short, my hair is abused. I don't believe in getting regular treatments at the salon because I'd rather do it myself at home, with products I can buy off the shelf at the supermarket (I've been using Pantene for quite sometime now, once a week).

I was at a meeting today and on my way home, I thought of dropping by Robinson's Galleria to buy a bottle. Beats having to order online which was my initial intention, because I hardly go to Galleria. The stall wasn't too difficult to find. I love that it's so attractive even from afar.

I immediately went straight to the shelf where the Intense Argan Oil Cleansing Conditioner was. This was my main reason for going and I wanted to make sure they had stocks. They did and they had a lot! Then I began to look at their soaps ... so many to choose from, I felt lost! I'm clueless about skincare remember? Thankfully, the girls manning the stall were really helpful without being over-the-top. They complimented me and told me how my skin looked good and that it didn't seem to them that I need to use too much product or spend too much time on my face. THANK YOU!

After listening to all of their suggestions, I zeroed in on what I wanted. Here's the humble loot from that unplanned and quickie trip.

Hair Heroes Intense Argan Oil Cleansing Conditioner, S Skin Stem Cell SPF 30 Cream and Rejuvenating Collagen Beauty Bar

I spent less than Php 1,000 for all three. Is that good or is that good?!

Thanks to these girls, Cyra (I hope I spelled that right) and Tess, for knowing what to recommend and not sales talking me into buying stuff I didn't really need.

(Thought bubble : OMG where did they have that cute signage made???)

Watch out for my individual entries on the products.

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  1. Hi sis, I was there too Wed last and caught a glimpse of the kiosk when days before I've been reading raves about their prods and now yours (serendipity much). I had to go back and soon - and purchased a lot haha. Na-BI mo ako sa Hair Heroes so ayun, also got a bar of soap (for the teener with pimple-prone skin), Eye Boop (liquid eyeliner), Magic Apple whitening s-rub and Glam Jam (lip and cheek tint). What's also cool is their 1-week money-back guarantee. I can't wait to use them all.

    Thanks and cheers!

  2. Mommy Bing, I didn't know about the 1-week money-back guarantee but that's really good to know! I am really loving Hair Heroes so far. I want to go back and get a back up bottle because it's surely gaining popularity :)