Sunday, January 8, 2012

A follow up post

It's been weeks since I made that big jump from a Blackberry to an iPhone 4s. So how am I doing?

Other than the fact that I still keep waiting for my BBM message alert to go off, I think I'm okay. Friends who have been on the iPhone from day one told me I'll get used to it and I guess I have. My main beef with the iPhone was the touchscreen. This was the primary reason I refused to switch. I loved the tactile sound of the keys on my Blackberry. Which is why my keyboard sound is turned ON. It's shallow, I know hahaha!

So yes, I really sometimes pine for a Blackberry still. Most especially whenever I'm reminded that my friends are all on BBM and I'm the only one who isn't. I'm a total outcast!

If anyone's interested, here's what my iPhone 4s looks like right now

This is my 2nd cover. The first one was a Kate Spade, which happily sits inside my dresser drawer right now hehe! I love the design on that but it's kinda bulky. I'm thinking of getting the silicone version next time. This one, is a Tokidoki case which I got from Power Mac. I got it because Cactus Girl is just so adorable!

And guess what ... my current wallpaper is even more juvenile!

The wallpaper app I downloaded is filled with so many nice ones. I actually have a few Hello Kitty wallpapers already stored in an album, so I can change the look of my homescreen depending on my mood. Check out 10,000+ wallpaper app in the app store and have fun with all the fun options it has!

I wonder when Siri will begin to recognize the Philippine map though? I haven't made use of her much, except when the kids are bored in the car and start asking her all sorts of funny questions.

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