Sunday, January 29, 2012

First Time at Tea Tap

On our way home from a lunch gathering yesterday, I wanted to have something sweet. I had attempted to go to Tea Tap several times in the past but never got around to doing so. I finally made it yesterday.

I was surprised that the place was really big, contrary to what one would expect because from outside, it always looked small to me.

I really liked the stuff they had on their walls. They kept Sabine and I entertained while waiting for our number to be called out. I thought it was funny, however, that the place was still on holiday mode haha.

I opted for the Formosa Roast and got the Wintermelon Milk Tea for Sabine. They did not disappoint. I did notice that the pearls had a slight after-taste, but not funky enough for me to not go back. The prices are also quite competitive, despite the really spanking interiors.

I wish I had the appetite to try some of the food they serve. They looked so good in the photos. I'll definitely spend more time there on my next visit. I heard their pasta dishes are a must-try.

One of the reasons people hang out here is the free WIFI signal. I'm almost 100% certain of that!

I'm glad I was finally able to try their milk teas after planning on it for the longest time. Please don't ask me to rate all the different brands I've tried so far. It would be hard for me to say which one tops my list. (sorry but I just have to say again that Happy Lemon is not a consideration)

Tea Tap is located at P.Guevarra corner Wilson St in San Juan.

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