Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The promise I made

At 43 years old, I have no daily skincare routine. Bad? Yes! I guess (and please, this is said in all honesty, no bragging) I took this for granted because I've never had any issues regarding my skin. I get a pimple, a really small one, like maybe 3-4 times in a year and mostly on my chin area. That's about it. The main problem I have with my skin would be the fact that it's oily. Then again, people say I should be thankful because oily skin is not prone to wrinkles.

This year, however, I made this promise to myself. I didn't broadcast it as a New Year's resolution because I don't really make resolutions. I told myself I would take better care of my skin from now on. Given that I'm in mid-life and for a lot of women out there, it's usually downhill from here onwards. Knock on wood!

Other than washing my face with soap and water before going to bed, I never did anything. This year so far, I've been religiously applying Human Heart Nature's Sunflower Beauty Oil every night before retiring (I'll save the story for a separate post).

Today, I purchased a few more items to help me fulfill this promise.

I'm really excited to blog about them!

Wish me luck!!!

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